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Miss Rae has been creating mixed media pieces since the 90's.

 Isolating vintage prints, pops of color, antique publications,

and coercing the images into organized chaos.

Inspired by books, street art and original hip hop.

Hoping the pieces of yesterday live on into tomorrow.

She has since expanded her mediums to acrylics, charcoal drawings, water color, & digital photography.

The sky seems to be the limit for this fierce lady.

Also on: LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Etsy , Amazon

all under the same name @rae-alistic


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Modeling or art commissions
T. 646 - 397 - 6319

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artist bio.

My name is Rae. I’m a Denver based mixed media paper artist. Although I have traveled and roamed, Colorful Colorado is where my roots are deeply planted. When I was a kid,I filled the hours making different types of art out of any material I could find. I completed my first oil painting in kindergarten. Art has always been my escape. It helps me take the harshness of life and transform it into beauty. In 2012, my art blossomed and grew, when I gave birth to my amazing baby boy! The next year I was hired for my first commissioned work. From there, I kept working and growing. In 2017, I was motivated to start my own art business, and have been living off of my art since 2018. I have now participated in several art exhibitions, and my art keeps growing. These days, I get most of my work through creating custom gifts. I love taking someone’s vision and chopping it into a reality. My weapon of choice is scissors. My medium is vintage papers and book pages. Being self-taught and self-made is what makes my art mine. My whole life is splattered in my art. 


"I commissioned Rae to do a piece of art for me.  I wanted a piece of art that complimented my favorite quote, “Memento Mori.”  I did not give any direction beyond that and I could not have been happier with the result.  When she unveiled my art piece to me I was literally stunned to silence in awe of my art piece.  Not only did she capture everything I could have wanted in the piece but she far exceeded my expectations.  Thanks Rae!" 


"She framed her poster and loves her sweats so much! 
Best gift of Christmas this year by far!"

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